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« Le marché mondial de la sécurité intérieure connaît une croissance significative »

Milipol est un leader mondial dans le domaine de la sécurité intérieure, réunissant experts, innovateurs et partenaires. En tant que directrice du réseau Milipol, Anne Frayssinet nous fait part de son point de vue sur les défis et les opportunités qui façonnent le secteur. Dans cet entretien exclusif avec Milipol News, elle évoque le rôle…

FalCom OTE2000 Headsets offer enhanced communication for operational environments

The FalCom OTE2000 series offers professional-grade headsets designed for environments where noise reduction and clear communication are critical. These headsets integrate advanced technologies to support operational effectiveness and user comfort. Key features include: Advanced noise reduction: Minimises background noise to maintain focus on essential sounds, crucial for situational awareness in operational settings. Medical-grade transducers: Ensure…

Border security in the spotlight at the 29th “Jeudi de la sécurité”

The latest "Jeudi de la sécurité" event highlighted the complex challenges and urgent needs in border security, focusing on Mayotte's pressing issues.

SFC EMILY Fuel Cell: A Solution for autonomous power in vehicles and defence

The SFC EMILY fuel cell presents a technological advancement in power supply systems, designed to support stationary vehicles and a variety of defense applications without requiring an active engine. This system is directly connected to a vehicle's battery, ensuring that electrical systems remain operational through efficient power management and autonomous recharging capabilities. Integration with vehicle…

The Arabian Peninsula faces the challenge of fire safety 

Today, the entire Arabian Peninsula is facing significant risks in terms of fire safety. The different states are reconsidering their legislation, adapting themselves to the situation, and raising public awareness. For businesses, this challenge is leading to the emergence of new markets and encouraging innovation. Common risks in the region  In 2017, an explosion caused…

“The global homeland security market is experiencing significant growth”

Milipol stands as a global leader in homeland security, uniting experts, innovators, and stakeholders. As the director of the Milipol Network, Anne Frayssinet shares her insights into the challenges and opportunities shaping the industry. In this exclusive interview with Milipol News, she discusses the role of the Milipol shows in presenting the latest security innovations,…

Dust Mobile: Revolutionising mobile security with 1st place Milipol Cybersecurity Award

Dust Mobile has earned an award at the Milipol Awards, highlighting their leading-edge mobile security solutions. In a rapidly evolving digital landscape where threats to mobile security are increasing, Dust Mobile has made a substantial impact with their pioneering mobile cybersecurity solutions. Garnering the prestigious Milipol Award, Dust Mobile stands at the forefront of safeguarding mobile communications for security professionals and organizations.

Plastrance Cleargard: Stopping  20% more ballistic threats

Plastrance, a leading manufacturer of high-performance polycarbonate solutions, is proud to introduce Cleargard® to the homeland security market. Cleargard® is a revolutionary polycarbonate glazing product designed to deliver unparalleled protection for law enforcement vehicles and other critical assets.

Premier Biotech’s OralTox: Setting new standards in rapid drug screening technology

OralTox, developed by Premier Biotech, stands out for its ability to deliver accurate drug screening results in less than 10 minutes. This rapid-result testing device is not only innovating the way organisations conduct drug screenings but also significantly streamlining the hiring process with its same-day results capability. The advantages of OralTox The OralTox device offers…
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