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Emerson enhances DeltaV control system software

Emerson's DeltaV software update brings seamless data integration, enhancing operational efficiency. With the introduction of Version 15 Feature Pack 2, users can now experience more intuitive connectivity across various platforms.

Rostaing: Pioneering sustainability in safety gear

Rostaing, a leading name in protective gloves, has been honoured at the Milipol Innovation Awards 2023 in the CSR category.

Infodas introduces SDoT Industry Gateway

Infodas has unveiled its latest cyber security innovation: the SDoT Industry Gateway. This advanced device is designed to secure critical communication pathways between Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) networks while ensuring data integrity and confidentiality.

Invisio unveils the addition of seamless wireless comms capability to their intercom system

Invisio has announced the introduction of Invisio Link, a new wireless communication capability for its intercom system that provides unlimited mobility in the field whilst maintaining unrivalled situational awareness.

SKY-HERO’s tactical robot revolution

The SKY-HERO unified tactical indoor reconnaissance robot system, a laureate of the Milipol Innovation Awards 2023 in the Drone-Anti Drone, Robotics category, is designed to empower special forces and law enforcement in challenging operational contexts.

INFiLED unveils AMT Series for advanced display solutions

INFiLED presents its latest AMT Series, designed to enhance visual experiences with superior display technologies.

Fortinet introduces FortiGate as a Service for enhanced security

Fortinet has unveiled its groundbreaking FortiGate as a Service cloud-based security solution

Axon revolutionises field operations with new mobile app

Axon has launched a groundbreaking mobile app that provides law enforcement officers with seamless access to Axon Evidence, Axon Records, and Axon Standards

Phonexia’s breakthrough in voice biometrics

Phonexia has been honoured with the Milipol Innovation Award for its cutting-edge voice biometrics technology.
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