SFC EMILY Fuel Cell: A Solution for autonomous power in vehicles and defence

The SFC EMILY fuel cell presents a technological advancement in power supply systems, designed to support stationary vehicles and a variety of defense applications without requiring an active engine. This system is directly connected to a vehicle’s battery, ensuring that electrical systems remain operational through efficient power management and autonomous recharging capabilities.

Integration with vehicle systems

Designed for direct connection to a vehicle’s onboard battery, the SFC EMILY fuel cell addresses the need for continuous power supply in stationary vehicles. It compensates for electrical peak loads and autonomously recharges the battery, maintaining the functionality of essential onboard systems without the engine running.

Application in defence and beyond

Beyond its automotive applications, the SFC EMILY fuel cell is utilised in mobile and stationary defense settings. Its flexibility makes it suitable for remote deployments and as a field battery charger. When connected to the Power Manager 3G, the SFC EMILY can power various equipment, including communication devices and radar systems, and recharge multiple batteries simultaneously.

Efficiency and design

The SFC EMILY 3000 model is noted for its fuel efficiency, consuming approximately 100 ml of fuel per hour while delivering 3.0 kWh of electricity daily. Weighing 12.5 kg, its design balances efficiency with portability, offering a practical solution for power supply challenges in diverse operational contexts.

The introduction of the SFC EMILY fuel cell into the market addresses a critical need for reliable and autonomous power supply solutions, particularly in stationary vehicles and defence applications. Its ability to integrate with vehicle systems, support a range of applications, and offer efficient power generation in a compact form factor highlights its potential as a valuable tool in various settings.

Image: SFC Public Security

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