Avian Cloud: Cloud labs for digital investigations, forensics and eDiscovery

Avian Cloud is a cloud-based platform that provides all of the necessary tools and services for digital investigations and legal discovery processes

Through its Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Avian Cloud, digital investigation and eDiscovery service and integration partner Avian Digital Forensics provides law enforcement agencies, and other organizations requiring digital forensics and eDiscovery services with all the necessary tools and infrastructure to handle data breaches, misconduct, fraud, and other legal investigations from the cloud.

Created for digital forensics and eDiscovery

Avian Cloud is specifically designed for digital forensics and eDiscovery. A digital investigations lab that operates entirely in the cloud, it offers a comprehensive suite of tools and services for digital investigations and legal discovery processes.

With its capacity to navigate and analyse vast amounts of digital evidence, the platform lets users uncover and pinpoint exact information from a sea of digital documents such as emails and media.

Suitable for delving into digital forensics to uncover evidence of cyber activities, or for embarking on e-discovery for legal processes, the cloud-based platform equips users with a complete set of tools. And since these complex tasks are simplified, there is no need to be an expert in any of these fields to take advantage of the platform.

Avian digital forensics, Avian cloud
Credit: Avian Digital Forensics

Comprehensive and flexible

Avian Cloud provides cloud-based digital investigations lab capability that unites flexibility and a comprehensiveness on par with traditional labs. With an array of built-in user tools, automations, integrations, infrastructure and 3rd party technology, the platform allow users to adopt their subscription options to their use, scaling up and down as needed.

In addition, Avian Cloud comes with expert support, including a 24/7 helpdesk, technical assistance, and expert consultation, as well as a global professional services options.

Taking security very seriously

Compliant with various ISO2700x/27100 standards, the digital forensics platform boasts reinforced security in a field where security matters. Every customer has a separate, isolated tenant, and authenticates cloud identities with MFA.

In addition, data is encrypted at-rest and in-transit, and data at-rest is encrypted both by the cloud provider and by Avian Cloud from the inside using two sets of encryption keys unique to every customer.

A confidential computing option with dedicated enclaves is also available for encrypting data in-use.

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