Axis Communications introduces advanced network paging console

Axis Communications has announced the release of the AXIS C6110 Network Paging Console, a cutting-edge device designed for seamless live and prerecorded callouts, complete with two-way audio capabilities.

This innovative console has won the Red Dot design Award and is set to innovate public address systems across various sectors, including retail, education, and commercial environments.

Comprehensive features for enhanced functionality

The AXIS C6110 Network Paging Console stands out with its sleek design and robust features, making it an ideal complement to network speakers, thus completing a comprehensive public address system. The console boasts a large colour liquid-crystal display (LCD) surrounded by 12 web-configurable buttons. These buttons can be customised to manage as many audio zones as required, supporting a wide range of devices from network speakers and intercoms to SIP-enabled systems. Additionally, these buttons can be programmed to initiate actions on other IoT devices, such as access control and lighting systems, ensuring smooth and efficient daily operations.

Easy installation and flexible use

One of the key advantages of the AXIS C6110 is its ease of installation and flexible use. The console utilises Power over Ethernet (PoE), which means a single cable provides both power and connectivity, simplifying the installation process. According to the company, the built-in beamforming microphone guarantees excellent sound quality, whether the console is desk-mounted or wall-mounted. Users have the option to use the console as-is, with a headset, or with the AXIS TC6901 Gooseneck Microphone, providing versatility for different operational needs.

The AXIS C6110 includes the ability to make live and prerecorded callouts, reach multiple audio zones, and benefit from a web-configurable display and two-way audio.

The AXIS C6110 will be available through Axis distribution channels from 1st July 2024.

Axis Communications will be exhibiting at Milipol Qatar this year from 29-31 October.

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Image credit: Axis communication

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