Axon Federal announces new products for US Military Police

Axon Federal announced a range of new products and product updates designed to help military police and investigative agencies improve safety and security on installations.

From intermediate force capabilities to enhanced situational awareness, the Axon Ecosystem is said to provide increased security to service members and their families on base. The company showcased some of its latest technology, designed for the European market, at this years’ Milipol Paris trade show.

United States Army Renews TASER Device Program

The U.S. Army, with support from Congress, will deploy new TASER devices to base military police as a part of the Launched Electrode Stunned Device (LESD) program. This new deployment will backfill critical training shortages in an effort to combat reports of increased crime on base and intelligence operations conducted by foreign adversaries.

Most importantly, it will equip military police with better TASER devices while working to keep installations safe and secure for all military families that call them home.

The renewed investment in the LESD program represents a step forward in the Department of Defense’s (DoD) commitment to replacing and modernising its less-lethal energy weapons. With this new deployment, the U.S. Army will modernise its fleet of TASER devices so base police can continue to keep both civilians and those in the military safe.

U.S. Axon FedCloud Awarded DoD IL4 Provisional Authorization

Axon has also announced that the U.S. Axon FedCloud has achieved a DoD Provisional Authorisation by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) at Impact Level 4 (IL4).

According to the company, this authorisation opens the door for DoD and other Federal agencies with IL4 information security requirements to begin using the complete Axon Network.

Its cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution promises to empower critical workflows for real-time operations, records management and digital evidence management. This authorisation allows military police and criminal investigators to ingest, manage and review essential data from body-worn cameras, in-car video and other sensors in a secure, cloud based platform, the company says.

Axon FedCloud has also achieved FedRAMP high last year. Axon’s cloud based solutions are currently being used by federal law enforcement agencies across the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice, Department of Interior and Department of Veterans Affairs in the U.S.

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