Bosch reinforces security in one of Germany’s largest arenas

Bosch to enhance safety and security technology at the Rudolf Weber-Arena in Oberhausen

The Bosch Energy and Building Solutions division of German engineering and technology giant Bosch has worked with the 12,700-spectator Rudolf Weber-Arena in Oberhauser, Germany since it was built in 1996. The company has now played a key role in bringing the venue’s safety and security technology up to date with a new integrated security solution.

“The arena in Oberhausen has been our customer for many years,” says Christian Wichert, Senior Sales Manager at Bosch Energy and Building Solutions. “We’ve already implemented fire and intrusion alarm systems here, and the operators are therefore familiar with our reliability and expertise.”

An integrated system

According to Bosch, the arena originally envisioned modernising only its intrusion alarm systems, but experts from its Energy and Building Solutions arm advised the venue’s operator to choose an integrated, comprehensive solution that would encompass everything from video surveillance to visitor management.

All of the arena’s life safety and security solutions are now combined in a single system, says Bosch. This makes it possible to operate fire and voice alarm, public address, video surveillance, intrusion alarm, access control, and any third-party systems via a single management system.

Using the system, the stadium’s security staff can visualise the building plan on screen with all of its levels. Moreover, they can click on each video camera individually to see what it is recording. And, the intrusion alarm, access control, and voice alarm systems are all also visualized in the plan.

“The fact that we’ve integrated all of the security systems – both pre-existing and new ones – adds enormous value for the operators,” explains Wichert. “The management system is scalable and can be extended as needed by adding more solutions as they become available, like for building automation. This makes the project a sustainable investment in the future.”

Bosch Rudolf Weber-Arena
Credit: Bosch

Intelligent video technology

The video component of the solution monitors all areas inside and outside the arena. A total of 33 remotely controllable IP cameras, including high-performance HD dome cameras, continuously scan the outdoor section while 4K cameras are aimed at the arena’s points of entry, and also observe the areas used by the audience.

In addition, many of the cameras are equipped with an intelligent video image analysis function that makes it possible to immediately spot unusual activity. If someone leaves a bag unattended, for example, it is classified as a suspicious object and this information is sent directly to the control room.

“Video data can also be analysed later using a forensic search function. If the operator or the police wants to check for something, they just have to enter the appropriate keywords in the video management system. This makes it faster to locate and secure video evidence,” Wichert asserts.

Visitor and access control

An advanced visitor management system has also been integrated into Bosch’s comprehensive solution in order to control access to the backstage entrance. A tablet is available to suppliers and other non-audience visitors so that they can announce themselves by introducing their data and the reason for their visit.

The control booth instantly receives the information and can issue visitor passes and in so doing monitor who is inside the facility at any given time. In the event that the building needs to be evacuated, it can therefore be reliably determined whether everyone has left the arena, says Bosch.

The new access control system also operates and monitors all interior and exterior doors that are relevant to security. This ensures that only authorized individuals can access certain areas. The permissions are quick and easy to modify online.

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