A new mass notifications solution from Crisis24 

Crisis24 is a company that has made headlines thanks to its notification solution which has been integrated into TopoONE by Crisis24, a crisis management platform under the security corporation Garda World. 

TopoONE by Crisis24 is described on their website as a “security operation centre critical event management platform used by security and supply chain teams to manage risk to people, assets, and sites.” 

Now, the TopoOne platform has integrated a new notifications solution developed by Crisis24. The mass notification module is native to TopoOne and offers users access to various communications channels with the aim of escalating responses and actions quickly. 

notification solution
There is a variety of forward-thinking features within TopoONE’s mass notification solution. (Photo: Crisis24)

Standout features of the TopoONE by Crisis24 notification solution

There is a list of forward-thinking features within TopoONE’s mass notification solution. For one, the platform promises “seamless integration” on its communication channels, with two-way delivery via communications apps like Slack, Signal, Telegram and Microsoft Teams, as well as via SMS, email and text-to-speech.

Furthermore, the notification centre claims to offer users the “complete ability” to customise messages, such as configuring the identity of the sender, as well as the branding and distribution lists. 

Regarding crisis response, TopoOne’s notification offering gives users the option to make life safety check-ins, using notifications from different communication apps from individuals to process a response to a crisis. 

The notification centre also features “efficiency enablers,” like automated messages in a workflow, as well as real-time tracking of messages, and multilingual technology so that messages can be translated according to an individual’s preference.

“Fast, reliable two-way communication is essential in effective incident or crisis resolution. As part of TopoONE’s streamlined client experience, we have integrated mass notifications to provide security operations centres with seamless access to multiple channels of two-way communication with their users,” said Grégoire Pinton, Managing Director, Head of Integrated Risk Management at Crisis24.

 “Combined with TopoONE’s unrivalled ability to integrate unlimited intel and data sources and services, our clients have a singular, powerful solution for their risk and crisis management needs.”

Garda World launches Sesami cash integrator

The unveiling of TopoONE by Crisis24’s new notification system follows news of Garda World launching Sesami, described as a “tech-enabled cash ecosystem solution integrator.”

Sesami will officially take over the U.S.-based Tidel and Sweden-based Gunnebo Group’s business, with a new spotlight on software and devices. According to a press release, Sesami will run independently from Garda World, and will apparently manage cash automation efforts worth over €1.2 billion ($1.3 billion). 

“The cash services industry is rapidly evolving and Sesami is poised to revolutionise it with a new, unique and tech-enabled service delivery model which is open, integrated, comprehensive and customisable. Only Sesami can offer clients a holistic view of the performance and management of the entire cash ecosystems, and this is a game changer for both clients, and the industry,” said Stephan Crétier, Founder, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of GardaWorld.

“Sesami’s open architecture approach will both simplify and optimise the outsourcing of end-to-end cash ecosystem management through a single-partner platform, committed to only bringing in the best-in-breed,” said Stéphane Gonthier, Chief Executive Officer of Sesami. “We are extremely pleased to begin this journey with Tidel and Gunnebo’s cash management business, two industry leaders and trusted partners in the market. Together, they form the foundation of Sesami’s cash optimisation platform, which will be powered by the best performing software on the market and able to offer advanced cash management solutions globally.”

Stéphane Gonthier will act as the Chief Executive Officer of Seasmi. Mr. Gonthier joined Garda World in 2016, and previously acted as Chief Executive Officer of the company’s cash services business. 

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