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Proengin Shield: Advanced CBRN threat management

Proengin is set to participate in Milipol Paris 2023, showcasing its latest developments in CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear) threat management. One of the main innovations the company will be presenting is the Proengin Shield platform. This CBRN solution platform empowers users to transform data into enriched information, facilitating informed decision-making. Proengin Shield integrates…

Sovereign Systems introduces Thesia: a new dimension in indoor tracking

Thesia, the innovative indoor tracking system from Sovereign Systems, is now available commercially, offering precise location tracking within buildings devoid of GPS signals. Sovereign Systems has proudly announced the commercial availability of Thesia, an advanced indoor tracking system designed to accurately locate individuals within buildings and structures where GPS signals are inaccessible. Thesia stands out…
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