14 Novembre 2023

Airbus at Milipol Paris 2023: Much more than planes

Airbus is perhaps best known for manufacturing innovative commercial aircraft, however the company’s capabilities extend far beyond aviation. At Milipol Paris this year, Airbus is showcasing some of its top advances in homeland security solutions in the areas of connectivity, observation and cyber security.

Airbus supplies secure communications services for 38 armed forces and governments across the globe. The firm’s latest development in the sector is the “Réseau Radio du Futur,” or radio network of the future (RRF), a secure high spreed broadband network for domestic security and emergency rescue forces. Thanks to its elevated level of resilience, RRF guarantees the continuum of security and emergency rescue missions even in the event of a crisis. Created in an Airbus and Capgemini-led consortium, RRF has been selected by the French Ministry of the Interior to equip up to 400,000 users.

Airbus has also made major breakthroughs in observation-based services with the launch of Pléiades Neo, an optical resolution constellation with two identical 30cm resolution satellites entirely funded, manufactured, owned and operated by Airbus. Thanks to its precision and accuracy, Pléiades Neo is ideal for maritime security and environmental applications such as identifying illegal activities/routes, trafficking and oil spill monitoring.

The company has also advanced its cyber security offering, namely with the Airbus CyberRange, a simulation solution that allows system administrators and integrators to easily design or model information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) systems made up of large numbers of machines and simulate realistic scenarios, including cyber attacks.

Hall 5A / M183