15 Novembre 2023

Elite forces in action: The precision and valour of special operations at Milipol Paris 2023

Yesterday’s demonstrations at Milipol Paris provided an unprecedented glimpse into the world of special operations, showcasing the exceptional skills and unwavering courage of elite Special Forces.

These elite teams, typically hidden from the public eye, stepped into the limelight to exhibit their extraordinary capabilities in protecting national security and maintaining peace.

In an impressive display, the RAID team executed the “AMBARISK” scenario outside between halls 5 and 6. This intricate operation simulated an attack on a VIP convoy, reflecting the high-stakes missions carried out in crisis-prone countries. The preparation was meticulous, involving area securing with precursors, and incorporating a drone and a dog team. As the attack unfolded, the close protection operators expertly set up a personal security system, demonstrating their precision and commitment to safeguarding high-ranking individuals under severe threat.

The demonstration by the GIGN was equally remarkable. Inside an amphitheatre, a tense hostage situation unfolded with 150 people held captive by terrorists. The GIGN’s rapid response and strategic prowess were on full display as they set up a crisis centre and mobilised an immediate assault plan. Their entry into the amphitheatre was a coordinated effort of precision and skill, systematically neutralising the threats and ensuring the safety of the hostages. The use of specialised resources like indoor drones, traps, and trained dogs highlighted the GIGN’s comprehensive approach to handling explosive threats and complex situations. Their operational efficiency was further underscored by the presence of a medical team, ready to provide immediate aid to any injured individuals.