10 Novembre 2023

IDEMIA helps law enforcement agencies to expedite processes 


IDEMIA highlights how technological innovations enable police officers to remain in the field and protect more citizens. They would no longer need to return to the local police station to run manual identification matches. Nor would time be spent taking fingerprints using ink and paper, then uploading them into the police database. 

According to the company, technology could also help improve the investigation experience for victims. For example, prints could be taken directly at the crime scene using mobile technology. This would not only speed up the initial stages of the investigation, by isolating unidentified prints sooner, but also reduce the discomfort of taking victims to the police station. 

Biometric technology, independently recognised as one of the fairest and most accurate methods of ID verification on the market, could also bring value to an investigation. The resources of latent print examiners could be maximised through a considerably more reliable and focused list of potential matches. Biometric matching combined with huge volumes of structured and unstructured data could optimise the investigative process states IDEMIA, thus increasing the chances of a prosecution.

IDEMIA aims to help streamline police processes with contemporary solutions that automate and expedite investigations. The company is at Milipol Paris this year to show visitors how their biometric solutions can help prevent more offenses, solve more cases, and protect more people.

Hall 5A / Stand C180

Photo: MTop Mobile