04 Novembre 2023

The evolving role of CSR in the security and safety landscape

Nora Guillemin, President of NMPrévention and an expert consultant in occupational health and safety, spoke with the Milipol Paris Daily ahead of this year’s show

In an exclusive interview, Nora Guillemin shares her insights into the role of CSR in the security/safety industry, the criteria for the Milipol Innovation Awards, and the emerging risks in the workplace. She emphasises the importance of safety in CSR and discusses the challenges and future trends for the industry.

As a member of the jury for the Milipol Innovation Awards, you were able to judge this year’s new CSR category. What do you think is the place of CSR in the security/safety industry?
While the question of the social implications of our actions and the duties they entail is not new, these days CSR is defined by the European Commission as the voluntary integration by companies of social and environmental concerns into their commercial activities and their relations with stakeholders.
In other words, CSR is approached through the prism of sustainable development, with a strong focus on the main environmental pillar, alongside the other two pillars, social and economic.
The question today is the absence of the issue of safety in CSR approaches, safety being integrated through the protection of employees (with the DUERP – single document risk analysis).
However, I am convinced that safety can not only contribute to CSR, but is even essential to a comprehensive approach.
Safety can contribute to a company’s overall performance, whether directly or indirectly, through prevention and anticipation.

What criteria do you consider to be the most essential when assessing entries for the Milipol Innovation Awards?
Social policy is a major criterion: respect for human rights, equality, inclusion, diversity and well-being in the workplace are all well-known terms that need to be genuinely implemented throughout a project.
The environmental impact must also be taken into account, particularly in terms of energy consumption, waste management, greenhouse gas emissions and the conservation of natural resources.
The principles of ethics, fairness, transparency and respect for rights and duties are also essential criteria.
Today, obtaining certification or a label is a good way for a company to demonstrate its commitment to CSR.

How do you think the CSR trend will develop in the industry in the future?
It is bound to become increasingly important, given the ever-growing technological challenges.
Ethics is one of the pillars of CSR which, in my opinion, should take on great importance in the security/ safety industry.

You work in risk management in the workplace. What new types of risk have emerged in recent years?
The most obvious is cyber risk: with the development of technology and IT, companies have become obvious targets for cyber attacks and the theft of sensitive data.
Regulatory compliance risks are also on the increase, with growing demands for corporate social responsibility in particular.
It goes without saying that geopolitical risks cannot be ruled out for companies operating internationally, with a heightened risk in terms of employee safety.

What are the main challenges facing the security industry?
The main challenge is that of recruiting staff: skills and qualified manpower represent a considerable challenge.

Milipol Innovation Awards

With the Milipol Innovation Awards, Milipol Paris aims to highlight the efforts and achievements of those pushing boundaries in the industry. This distinguished accolade acknowledges advancements across six crucial categories:

  1. Cybersecurity: Addressing cyber threats and criminality
  2. Large Events Security Management: Utilising biometrics, CCTV, and AI
  3. Individual Equipment/First Responder Protection: Enhancing materials and accessories
  4. Drone & Anti-drone Systems and Robotics: Advancing aerial surveillance and defense
  5. Crisis Management: Developing emergency warning systems and command & control
  6. CSR: Recognising exhibitors’ initiatives in their innovative products and solutions

Open exclusively to Milipol Paris 2023 exhibitors, entries are carefully assessed for their innovative merit and market relevance. Visitors to the show should mark their calendars for the awards ceremony on 14th November.