15 Novembre 2023

“Milipol Paris is an ideal platform for us to engage with both our existing and potential customers”

Crosscall, a leader in mission-critical systems, unveils innovations at Milipol Paris 2023

In an exclusive interview with Milipol Paris Daily, David Eberle, Vice President of Crosscall, sheds light on the company’s pivotal role in the realm of mission-critical systems and trends for the future of the industry.

Why is Milipol Paris such an important event for Crosscall?
Crosscall is a 15-year-old French company specialising in mission-critical systems. Our clientele includes interior ministries, defence ministries, fire brigades and special forces in various countries. Milipol Paris is an ideal platform for us to engage with both our existing and potential customers. It provides an opportunity for them to learn more about us and meet our team.

What are your main objectives at the show?
Our primary objectives at Milipol Paris are to strengthen our presence on the military and police market, establish ourselves as a key player in mission-critical equipment, and introduce ourselves to foreign delegations. We aim to showcase our collaboration with the French government, our contributions to equipping them, the missions we’ve undertaken, and the innovative solutions we are offering potential customers.

This year, we are unveiling a 4G and 5G communication system that represents the future of radio communications.

What innovations are you presenting this year?
This year, we are unveiling a 4G and 5G communication system that represents the future of radio communications. It aims to gradually replace traditional radio systems. Our system utilises smartphones with dedicated interfaces and a range of accessories to transition from narrowband to broadband communication. We can leverage existing operator networks or private networks for this purpose. Our goal is to provide innovative solutions, including terminals and accessories that maintain the familiarity of traditional radio use. Additionally, with 4G and 5G technology, we enable new capabilities, such as using a smartphone as a computer. We have developed a system that connects the phone to a screen and peripherals, allowing users to work as if they had a central unit. Operators can quickly connect their phones to input forms and incident reports, enhancing efficiency without relying on external computers.

How has the sector changed recently, and how has this affected Crosscall’s areas of focus or development?
Recent developments in the sector have mainly revolved around the increased transmission speed made possible by new networks, particularly the transition from radio to 4G and 5G transmission. This speed boost not only supports voice communication but also facilitates the transmission of large amounts of data. Crosscall’s focus has shifted towards harnessing this broadband technology. It enables features such as video transmission, real-time location tracking, video feeds to command posts, and secure communication among field personnel, all of which are significant advancements.

Why do you think it’s important for the sector to have face-to-face events like Milipol Paris?
Face-to-face events like Milipol Paris are crucial because nothing beats human contact. Being able to showcase our offerings on a stand and observe how they align with our customers’ needs is essential. That’s precisely why we’re here at the event with our team.

David Eberle, Vice President of Crosscall, highlighted Crosscall Core-Z5 as proof of the company’s innovation and dependability in mission-critical communication technology.

The Core-Z5 has been meticulously engineered to meet the stringent requirements of professionals operating in mission-critical sectors such as law enforcement, defense, fire brigades, and special forces. Its rugged construction ensures resilience in the toughest conditions, making it an adapted tool for those who rely on unwavering communication.

One of its standout features is its compatibility with 4G and 5G networks, providing rapid and reliable communication. This allows users to transition from traditional narrowband radio communication to high-speed broadband, offering enhanced capabilities for data transmission, real-time video sharing, and operational efficiency improvements.

Moreover, the Core-Z5’s adaptability enables it to function as a central hub, increasing versatility in the field. When connected to screens and peripherals, it becomes a potent computing tool for tasks like form input and incident reporting.

The Crosscall Core-Z5 empowers mission-critical professionals to embrace the future of communication technology without compromising reliability. It reflects Crosscall’s dedication to innovation, as spotlighted at Milipol Paris 2023.