10 Novembre 2023

Magnet GRAYKEY Fastrak: Transforming mobile data extraction

This year at Milipol Paris, Magnet Forensics is introducing Magnet GRAYKEY Fastrak, a simple, fast, and efficient solution for forensic experts for extracting data from multiple mobile devices simultaneously, scaling up the capabilities of existing GRAYKEY.

In an age where mobile data plays a pivotal role in criminal investigations, GRAYKEY Fastrak presents a straightforward, rapid, and efficient approach to extracting data from multiple mobile devices simultaneously. The technology empowers investigators to expand their mobile data collection capabilities, speeding up their capacity to uncover evidence. GRAYKEY Fastrak streamlines the process, reducing extraction time, simplifying hardware requirements, and moving the extraction process off of the GRAYKEY thus freeing it up to gain access to additional devices.

Key selling points

  • Reduced data extraction time
  • Simplified hardware requirements
  • Enables optimised use of GRAYKEY
Hall 5A / Stand M142