14 Novembre 2023

Advancing security: Day 2 highlights at Milipol Paris 2023

Good morning and welcome back to all the esteemed guests and professionals at Milipol Paris. As we gather for the second day of the show, let’s first reflect on the incredible success of Day 1. The venue was teeming with a diverse and enthusiastic crowd, creating a vibrant hub of interaction and networking. Professionals from across the globe engaged in animated discussions, sharing insights and forging new connections. Yesterday we were honoured with the presence of the Minister of the Interior and Overseas France, Gérald Darmanin, who inaugurated the opening ceremony, setting the tone for four days of rich and thought-provoking discussion. The Milipol Innovations Awards were another highlight, showcasing cutting-edge technological advancements that captivated the audience and set the bar high for innovation.

Today, we can look forward to part one of “The Olympic Games Continuum” conference. This insightful session is set to delve into the evolving role of technology in shaping the security landscape of the Olympic Games. We will explore how advanced technologies are being integrated into the planning and execution of security strategies at various levels, from local authorities to international organisations. The conference promises to provide a comprehensive overview of the challenges and opportunities presented by these technological advancements, offering a unique perspective on the future of security in large-scale international events.

In addition to this, today Milipol Paris visitors can witness the highly anticipated Special Forces demonstrations. The precision and expertise of “RAID” will be on display at 11:00, followed by the impressive skills of “GIGN” at 14:15. These demonstrations will showcase the elite training and capabilities of these forces, offering a rare glimpse into the world of specialised security operations.

The energy and engagement of the first day set quite a precedent, and today we aim to build on that momentum. The halls are already abuzz with anticipation for today’s events, underscoring Milipol Paris’ role as a leading forum for innovation and collaboration in the security and defence sectors. Let’s move forward into another day of enriching discussions and networking opportunities, with a front-row view of the latest in security technology and strategy.