10 Novembre 2023

SecuScan under-vehicle inspection solution revealed at Milipol Paris 2023

HTDS announces the exclusive launch of the innovative under-vehicle inspection solution, SecuScan, at Milipol Paris this year.

This solution is an efficient and modular under-vehicle inspection system that swiftly detects hazardous items (explosives, drugs, weapons, contraband goods, etc.) and concealed individuals at security checkpoints. SecuScan provides a global view of the entire undercarriage, including door sills and steps, offering high-resolution, full-colour imaging without compromising inspection speed or the safety of on-site agents.

Available in both fixed and mobile versions, SecuScan boasts advanced continuous zoom technology and automatic object detection algorithms, allowing for detailed inspection of elements. Detected anomalies are prominently highlighted in red on the control screen, aiding operator decisions.

This system offers optional automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) for all vehicle types, ensuring rapid and accurate plate identification.

Beyond under-vehicle inspection, SecuScan integrates a scene camera, capturing a top-down view of the vehicle as it passes through the inspection zone. This feature enables operators to examine blind spots and inspect vehicle roofs comprehensively. Furthermore, SecuScan provides various solutions for capturing driver images, completing the inspection process.

The mobile version of SecuScan is ideal for rentals, special events, demonstrations, and flexible security checks at temporary inspection sites. It offers options such as lightweight aluminium ramps and sturdy rubber pads for easy transport and rapid deployment. Conversely, the fixed version is adapted for sophisticated security inspection points integrated with comprehensive access control systems. It is easy to install and comes with guide rails or a robust stainless steel base, providing optimal protection.

Hall 5A / Stand N184