14 Novembre 2023

Echodyne highlights Echoshield radar at Milipol Paris 2023

Data fidelity is increasingly important for detecting and identifying new airspace threats that move slower, fly lower, and are directionally more erratic than jets and missiles. EchoShield is a software-defined, medium-range, pulse-Doppler, cognitive 4D radar that operates in the Ku-band frequency (15.4-16.6 GHz) for radionavigation and radiolocation applications. It uses dense Tx/Rx cells for precise spatial data for sensor fusion and command and control operations. The system’s waveforms are optimised for accurate object classification, providing a streamlined data output enriched with metadata. It efficiently coordinates with optical sensors and directs mitigation efforts with precision, catering to various intelligent system applications.

  • Uses dense transmission and reception cells
  • Offers waveforms designed for high-accuracy object classification
  • Enables the precise direction of optical sensors and mitigation platforms
Hall 5A / Stand E055