16 Novembre 2023

GC5.1: SAPL’s answer to modern policing challenges

Celebrating over four decades of expertise in non-lethal weaponry, SAPL is introducing the GC5.1 pump shotgun, a innovative addition to the Gomm-Cogne series. This compact, lightweight, and robust shotgun features an ergonomic pistol-grip handle, ensuring ease of use and effectiveness. With a 5+1 shot capacity and smooth pump-action, it offers rapid response capabilities, essential for urban security. The GC5.1’s precision, up to 10 metres, and compatibility with various accessories, make it adapted for law enforcement, balancing non-lethality with the necessary force.

  • Engineered for non-lethal defence
  • Precision and range
  • Ergonomic rubber pistol-grip handle
Hall 5A / Stand K183