14 Novembre 2023

Thales unveils global security solutions to Milipol Paris visitors

The company’s innovative solutions are designed to speed up the Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act (OODA) loop, for the safety of citizens and infrastructures amid growing global threats.

Addressing risks ranging from terrorism and organised crime to cyber threats, Thales helps a broad spectrum of clients, including governments, local authorities and businesses, protect urban environments and critical systems. The focus of their Milipol Paris showcase this year is on proactive security and rapid response to both physical and cyber threats.

The company’s comprehensive solutions span surveillance, data analysis, decision support and operational training, aligning with the needs of a robust security posture. On Thales’ stand, visitors can discover how its technologies assist in swift data collection and assessment, enabling effective countermeasures.

Thales’ stand at Milipol this year is highlighting four areas of expertise: event security, digital platforms, border intelligence and cybersecurity. Their portfolio includes systems for managing large crowds, neutralising drones and implementing strategic command protocols. With tools like Thermal Shooting Goggles, NightRise binoculars and the ATHEA big data platform, Thales is at the forefront of integrating technology into security. Another major focus for the company is securing the digital shifts of government and private sectors.

Visitors can engage with Thales’ solutions that cater to a variety of scenarios, from urban security challenges to demanding training simulations for law enforcement.

Hall 5A / Stand M144