04 Novembre 2023

Apstec Systems presents HSS Falcon at Milipol Paris: a leap in smart security screening

Apstec Systems will showcase its innovative Human Security Scanner (HSS) Falcon, a cutting-edge solution in smart security screening, at Milipol Paris this year. HSS Falcon scans individuals, their hand-carried items, and wheeled cabin-sized luggage for explosives, marking a significant leap forward in security technology.

Stephen Cooper, Apstec’s COO, emphasises the efficiency, cost-effectiveness and comprehensive threat detection features of HSS Falcon, “Organizations and government agencies from around the world have been searching for practical, proportionate, and cost-effective screening solutions for some time.  In HSS Falcon, we are delivering the next-generation screening technology the market has been waiting for.”

HSS Falcon provides comprehensive and intelligent screening, efficiently identifying explosives, weapons, pyrotechnics, narcotics, and cash on individuals and within their belongings. The system ensures a streamlined process for screening large numbers using a single, non-invasive, high-throughput system. This adaptability makes HSS Falcon especially relevant for crowded venues such as mass transport hubs, sports stadiums, and major outdoor events, as well as customs and border agencies. The solution is highly mobile, integrating into various settings, and can be rapidly deployed for both indoor and outdoor use, independent of existing infrastructure.

Visitors to Milipol Paris are invited to experience live demonstrations of HSS Falcon at Apstec’s stand, and to explore LABCOOR’s mobile access control solution, showcasing Apstec’s commitment to advancing security screening solutions.

Key Selling Points:

  • Flexibility and comfort
  • High-performance
  • Rapid deployment
Stand 5 P200