04 Novembre 2023

Unveiling the future of protection at Milipol Paris

Visitors to Milipol Paris this year can discover DuPont’s Kevlar EXO body armour, setting new standards in terms of comfort, flexibility, and protection for frontline professionals.

The Kevlar EXO body armour offers an innovative solution combining the unique Kevlar EXO material with a meticulously designed carrier, resulting in a product that not only provides top-tier ballistic performance among woven fabrics but also ensures comfort during extended wear. The material’s adaptability to the body’s movements allows for a full range of motion, maintaining excellent ballistic performance throughout.

In terms of weight and performance, Kevlar EXO body armour is as lightweight as the most advanced ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene ballistics materials, yet it retains the flexibility benefits of para-aramids, ensuring wearers receive maximum protection without added burden.

DuPont is known for providing reliable protective solutions, and this body armour combines effective protection with notable flexibility and comfort, aiming to safeguard wearers while maintaining ease of movement. The advanced fibre utilised is engineered to counteract threats, aiming to offer a level of security and preparedness for individuals engaged in professional duties.

Key Selling Points

  • Flexibility and comfort
  • Lightweight and high-performance
  • Uncompromising protection
Hall 5 / Stand F026