Drone Nerds and SkyeBrowse: revolutionising public safety with enhanced 3D modeling software

Drone Nerds, an esteemed frontrunner in drone technology, has inked a new partnership with SkyeBrowse, infusing their repertoire of enterprise software offerings with next-gen 3D modeling solutions.

This collaborative effort is a strategic move that empowers law enforcement, first responders and other similar agencies with easy access to SkyeBrowse’s trailblazing software. The cutting-edge platform leverages exclusive videogrammetry technology, redefining conventional photogrammetry to generate efficient, evidentiary 3D models from video frames, thereby amplifying operational efficiency and risk management.

SkyeBrowse – The quintessential tool for optimising public safety missions

SkyeBrowse provides a user-friendly approach to 3D model generation, compatible with supported drone missions, making it an indispensable tool for documenting crime scenes, planning responses for critical infrastructures, and mitigating active shooter situations. The software grants public safety crews the ability to swiftly gather centimeter-accurate 3D models in near-real time, expediting mission accomplishments and boosting safety measures. Furthermore, SkyeBrowse enables comprehensive insights, enhancing decision-making during crucial incidents, and offering flexible visualisation tools that support risk assessment and scene perspectives from any browser-enabled device.

TacBrowse: Enriching real-time incident management and collaboration

Supplementing SkyeBrowse’s capabilities, TacBrowse allows officers to share their GPS locations from iOS or Android devices, mapping their position on the 3D model in real time. This feature enhances situational awareness beyond the limitations of 2D mapping, contributing to more effective management of terrain and resources. TacBrowse also ensures rapid deployment and robust collaboration, with easily shareable links that allow allied responders to join the session for the duration of the incident, promoting seamless collaboration and information exchange.

The innovative unison of Drone Nerds’ drone prowess with SkyeBrowse’s advanced analytics is set to deliver unparalleled insights and actionable intelligence, bolstering operations across multiple sectors, including agriculture, public safety, construction and surveying. This synergy demonstrates a pioneering step in leveraging drone technology to transform operational dynamics, ultimately aiming to save lives.

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