EchoShield: Advanced cognitive radar solutions

Echodyne is known for its innovative radar technology, offering with EchoShield a sophisticated medium-range, pulse-Doppler, cognitive 4D radar system designed for radionavigation and radiolocation applications within the Ku-band spectrum (15.4-16.6 GHz). Tailored for businesses seeking advanced detection and tracking capabilities, EchoShield provides a competitive edge with the following features:

1. Precision spatial data for enhanced threat detection
Utilising densely packed Tx/Rx cells, EchoShield delivers industry-leading spatial accuracy, crucial for integrating with sensor fusion, command & control (C2) interfaces, and intelligent systems. Its capability to maintain <0.5° angular accuracy in azimuth and elevation positions EchoShield as a superior solution for accurately detecting and tracking low-altitude, slow-moving, and irregularly manoeuvring objects, such as drones, in densely contested spaces.

2. Customised waveforms and rapid data processing for targeted engagement
EchoShield’s advanced waveform customisation facilitates high-accuracy object classification, providing a streamlined data stream enriched with essential metadata. This feature ensures precise object tracking and identification, enabling the efficient direction of optical sensors and mitigation platforms with high precision. The system’s rapid data processing supports swift operational responses, critical for engaging with emergent threats effectively.

3. Configurable mission sets for flexible operational deployment
EchoShield introduces an innovative approach to radar configuration with its Mission Set functionality, leveraging cognitive radar technology for swift adaptability to specific operational needs, environments, and objectives. Through simple software adjustments, EchoShield can be optimised for a range of applications, from counter-unmanned aircraft systems (C-UAS) to perimeter surveillance, offering customisable performance for diverse mission requirements. This flexibility ensures rapid deployment and operational efficiency across various scenarios.

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