EXAVISION debuts MOS-MR Optronic solution at Milipol Paris 2023

EXAVISION, a subsidiary of Ineo Defense and part of the Equans energy and services sector, unveiled its latest innovation, the MOS-MR optronic solution, designed to enhance the surveillance and protection of critical infrastructures.

MOS-MR’s strategic design for critical infrastructure Protection

Developed by EXAVISION, this multi-sensor optronic solution is tailored for the observation and identification of maritime, land, and air targets. It features an optronic unit mounted on a two-axis Pan&Tilt turret, integrating continuous optical zooms on both visible – near infrared camera and the band III LWIR uncooled thermal camera. This configuration allows for medium-range surveillance, boasting a detection range of up to 12km on vehicles, primarily aimed at safeguarding sensitive sites and critical infrastructures. The MOS-MR’s design emphasises reliability and robustness, with no compulsory preventive maintenance that would necessitate factory returns, making it a practical choice for continuous operation.

Integration and compatibility of the EXAVISION’s MOS-MR

EXAVISION’s MOS-MR is not just a standalone product but part of a larger ecosystem. It is compatible with the VIGISENS software suite, offering an integrated solution for monitoring and controlling electro-optical systems and external sensors, such as 2D/3D radar or non-lethal acoustic effectors. This compatibility with standard video management systems and the ease of integration into existing command and control software make MOS-MR a versatile and user-friendly option for various security needs.

Marc Brun, Managing Director of EXAVISION, highlights the company’s commitment to providing competitive, robust, and easily integrated medium-range solutions, “EXAVISION is proud to present MOS-MR to meet the growing needs of its customers and partners for competitive, robust, easy-to-use and easy-to-integrate medium-range solutions.”

Augustin Bareau, Deputy Managing Director of Ineo Défense, further emphasises EXAVISION’s growing reputation and innovation, particularly following its selection for the PARADE anti-drone system for the 2024 Olympic Games: “We are very proud to see the company continue to innovate and develop, and to see its reputation grow, most recently through the selection of its NEMOSYS-XR-HD solution by the Thales Group – CS Group consortium for the PARADE anti-drone system that will be deployed during the 2024 Olympic Games. The launch of the MOS-MR innovation has further strengthened this momentum.”

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