FATEC Z-Shot Target System: Realism in simple training and complex situations

The Z-Shot target system from FATEC provides realism in both simple training situations, or in more difficult situations when combined with the Z-Shot E-Lite.

The French firm produced its first training centre for the elite police tactical unit of France’s National Gendarmerie (GIGN) in 1996. Since then, FATEC has developed its expertise in the field of staging and has constantly improved realism in high-intensity urban combat situations.

At this year’s Milipol Paris, the firm is showcasing its Z-Shot range, a complete target system that can drive targets, lights, sounds and cameras, as well as a number of special effects to create a variety of realistic situations.

The basic system is designed for common police force training with intensive use. It includes a double rotation (Friend-Enemy) mechanism with basic manual or semi-automatic control, and the Z-Shot also manages peripherals such as sirens or flashing lights or even stand lighting.

When used in connection with FATEC’s universal Z-Shot E-Lite control unit, the system can reproduce more complex situations such as a war-like atmosphere, or critical situations for special action groups. With the ability to control all Digital Multiplex (DMX) standard light, sound, and special effects devices, the Z-Shot E-Lite is driven by Sunlite3, which the firm is calling the most powerful software available in the field.

Aimed at elite police units, the Z-Shot E-Lite has long been used by the French police’s special tactical unit, RAID, as well as the country’s National Gendarmerie, and its judicial police force (DGGN).

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