Fischer Connectors presents UHD connectors for high-speed data transfer

Fischer Connectors, a company specialising in connectivity solutions, has recently introduced a new range of connectors and cabling designed for Ultra High Definition (UHD) audio/video data transfer.

These products offer a data transfer speed of 18 Gbit/s, corresponding to the HDMI 2.0 standard. This initiative is designed to meet high-speed data transfer requirements in specific environments.

Technical characteristics of Fischer Connectors

The connectors offered by Fischer Connectors, particularly in the Fischer MiniMax and Fischer Core ranges, are designed to be robust and versatile. According to Stéphane Antonetti, Product Data Expert at Fischer Connectors, these circular connectors combine speed and performance. They offer features such as 10,000 plug cycles, 360° EMI protection, various sealing options, sterilisation capabilities, and three locking mechanisms. These technical specifications are designed to ensure the reliability of the connectors in a variety of applications in harsh environments.

Connector applications and uses

Fischer MiniMax UHD connectors, with a reduced size and 19 contacts, are suitable for demanding applications such as aerial imaging, including military applications. The Fischer Core series, used in the scientific, industrial, instrumentation, test and measurement, and medical sectors, is available in different configurations, such as size 104 with 20 contacts. A specific cable has been developed for these connectors, also offering pre-wired options for easy integration.

These developments from Fischer Connectors illustrate the evolution of connectivity solutions to meet high-speed data transfer needs in a variety of demanding sectors.

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