Fischer KEYSTONE 6 port hub revolutionises soldier connectivity and power management

Fischer Connectors recently launched the Fischer KEYSTONE 6, a novel portable power and data hub designed for the digital soldier 2.0.

This revolutionary connectivity solution includes a 6 port tactical hub, an ATAK (Android Team Awareness Kit) compatible power management app, and customisable cable assemblies equipped with connectors meeting the Nett Warrior and NATO STANAG 4695 standards.

Powering the digital soldier

Fischer KEYSTONE stands as a military specification-compliant solution, easily deployable and ready to tackle the tactical connectivity challenge presented by digital modernisation programs. These challenges include managing more data, higher speeds, more power, and less weight in increasingly hostile environments. Fischer KEYSTONE allows soldiers to interconnect and power their digital devices simply and safely, while also efficiently managing data (USB 2.0 and SMBus) and power (100 W, 5 A max.) through a single source controlled via an easy-to-use app on their smartphones.

Competitive connectivity

Fischer KEYSTONE provides OEM defence integrators with a competitive solution akin to the next-generation hub (NGH) of the US Army. The product is designed in Switzerland, adheres to MIL-SPEC standards, and leverages Fischer Connectors’ globally recognised technologies in durability, waterproofing, miniaturisation, and data transmission. It meets performance needs for soldier modernisation and digital transformation programs like the U.S. Army 2030. Features include MIL-STD 810 and 461 compliance, secure firmware, an ATAK plug-in, bi-directional power compatible with USB-C, and no maintenance or spare parts requirement.

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