Garmin unveils its ground-breaking GMR xHD3 beam radar series

A first for Garmin‘s magnetron radar, the xHD3 series features average scanning technology that filters noise and interference on screen, giving seafarers enhanced target detection.

Automatic target size processing uses impulse augmentation to optimise the shape of objects on screen for better interpretation at all range scales. Additionally, the radar wake feature displays a history of boat wakes on the water, eliminating the effects of relative movement for quick identification of moving targets and potential collision risks.

Empowering navigation and fishing

Available in 4 kW, 12 kW, or 25 kW power options, the new GMR xHD3 radar series offers 100-knot wind resistance, providing seafarers with professional-grade weather information. High-performance 4 or 6 ft antennas (122 or 183 cm) offer improved clarity and deliver performances enabling more secure navigation or fishing in coastal waters. The xHD3 series radars feature 24 and 48 rpm rotation speeds, with detection ranges between 20 metres and 72 nautical miles (4 kW models) or 96 nautical miles (12 and 25 kW models). For fishing enthusiasts, the xHD3 beam radars have an Auto Bird feature and a preset Bird mode, which can locate bird flocks on the water surface, often indicating the presence of fish. With its silent and reliable operation, fishers can move on the water surface without disturbing their targets.

Availability and pricing details

From clear to foggy, day or night, mariners can traverse waters with confidence thanks to the dual-range overlay feature of the GMR xHD3 series. This allows a single antenna to provide side-by-side images on a compatible plotter’s split-screen, with independent settings for short and long distances. A radar overlay can also be added over a map view to clearly see the differences between the map and what the radar perceives. The new series also allows customers to use the guard zone feature on compatible plotters. When activated, this feature can alert seafarers when an object is within the defined perimeter around the boat. The GMR xHD3 beam radar series are now available at suggested retail prices ranging from €5,999.99 to €11,439.99.

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