Gryphon Ecosystem: integrated eyewear solutions for diverse environments

Revision‘s Gryphon Ecosystem is an integrated eyepro and headwear system designed to withstand challenging conditions like cold weather and debris.

The GrypMag and I-Vis integration in Revision’s eyewear

Central to this system are the new goggles complemented by an assortment of compatible face coverings. These components seamlessly attach using Revision’s innovative GrypMag technology. A standout feature is the I-Vis lens technology, ensuring that the eyepro system remains anti-fog and offers unparalleled performance across diverse settings. As Revision CEO Amy Coyne puts it: “In extreme environments where eyes are constantly under threat, you need gear that does more than prevent eye injuries.”

This led to their collaboration with Anon to incorporate the MFI (Magnetic Face Integration) into their ballistic goggle and face covering systems, resulting in the GrypMag. Combined with the I-Vis lens technology, the Gryphon Ecosystem offers a holistic eyewear solution tailored for specific environmental needs.

Gryphon ecosystem by revision

Revision’s eyewear range caracteristics

The eyewear range includes the MerlinHawk ballistic goggle and the tried-and-tested SnowHawk cold weather ballistic goggle. The MerlinHawk is crafted to enhance the field of view, providing users with optimal situational awareness and ballistic protection. A unique feature is the MissionSwitch reversible strap clips, allowing users to adjust the goggle fit according to various helmets and headgear. On the other hand, the SnowHawk goggle is engineered for extreme cold conditions, boasting an advanced dual-pane lens system. Both goggles come with an array of lens options, including standard mil-spec tints and the next-gen I-Vis lenses, all equipped with Revision’s OcuMax anti-fog and scratch-resistant technology. The integration of GrypMag accessory in both MerlinHawk and SnowHawk goggles ensures a snug fit with compatible face coverings, ensuring a gap-free seal. The I-Vis lens technology, powered by artificial intelligence, identifies the optimal lens tint for various global operational areas, resulting in lens options that enhance performance in diverse environments, from jungles and deserts to urban settings.

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