HMV SURVIVOR I: Navigating hostile terrains with resilience

The HMV SURVIVOR I by Franz Achleitner Fahrzeugbau & Reifenzentrum GmbH is engineered for extreme off-road conditions, providing advanced protection against threats such as ballistics, mines, IEDs, and CBRN hazards. This vehicle is tailored for defence and security missions, balancing functionality with high-level security measures.


  • Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW): 13,000 kg.
  • Payload: Up to 3,000 kg.
  • Occupancy: Space for up to 10 individuals.
  • Engine Output: 285 HP (210 kW).
  • Torque: 970 Nm.
  • Speed: A maximum of 110 km/h.
  • Protection: Complies with VPAM STANAG standards, offering Class 9 Level 2 KE ballistic protection and Level 2a and 2b mine resistance. It is also IED approved.

Design and capabilities

Equipped with permanent all-wheel drive and an automatic transmission, the HMV SURVIVOR I excels in various terrains. Its design centres around a monocoque chassis, enabling customisation to client specifications.

The vehicle stands out for its self-developed and manufactured chassis and electrical systems. This includes a sophisticated braking system featuring Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) and pioneering drive-by-wire technology, paving the way for future semi-autonomous driving enhancements.

Brake by wire technology

Incorporating brake by wire technology, the HMV SURVIVOR I utilises electronic controls for braking, enhancing safety and efficiency over traditional mechanical systems.

Customisation and manufacturer

Final vehicle specifications can be adjusted to meet specific operational needs, highlighting the vehicle’s versatility. Produced by Franz Achleitner Fahrzeugbau & Reifenzentrum GmbH in Radfeld, Austria, the HMV SURVIVOR I represents a blend of mobility, safety, and adaptability for emergency and defence applications.

Photo credit: HMV SURVIVOR

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