JUPITER 5F: Advanced durability and protection for firefighters

The Austrian family-owned company ESKA is introducing the JUPITER 5F, part of their latest generation of textile firefighter gloves. These gloves are designed to maintain their mechanical and thermal integrity even after 20 washes at 60°C, adhering to the EN 659:2003 + A1:2008 standards for washability and durability.

Key features

JUPITER 5F gloves offer high levels of cut resistance, achieving level 5F on the palm and level 4 on the backhand. This performance is consistent even following 20 wash cycles at 60°C. The gloves are noted for their comfortable fit and flexibility, incorporating a cut-resistant lining made from a blend of Kevlar/stainless steel/LCP, aimed at providing protection against cuts and sharp objects.

Safety and durability

In addition to cut resistance, the gloves feature wrist protection, enhanced knuckle guard, and reinforced fingertips, aiming to improve heat resistance and overall safety. The development of the cut-resistant lining was a two-year process, focusing on enhancing the gloves’ protective features.

Design and usability

The JUPITER 5F gloves are designed with a focus on usability and safety. They feature a reinforced closure to prevent unraveling and an adjustable 1-strap system for secure fit. Available in red or black, the gloves also include the new ESKA reflex logo for improved visibility.

The JUPITER 5F gloves by ESKA aim to combine safety, durability, and comfort for firefighters. With a focus on maintaining performance after repeated washes, these gloves are designed to meet the needs of emergency personnel in various conditions.

Top image: eskagloves.com

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