K18i-2: Unleashing the competitive edge with its 50-meter field of view

The world of competitive shooting demands speed and precision. In IPSC and 3-Gun matches, every second counts, and acquiring targets quickly can make all the difference.

Acknowledging this crucial need, the highly successful K18i optic has undergone further enhancements, resulting in the revolutionary K18i-2. This optic sets a new standard with its impressive 50-meter/100-meter field of view, giving shooters the advantage they need to outpace the competition.

Immersive Experience and Unparalleled Imaging Performance

The K18i-2 builds upon the legacy of its predecessor, delivering exceptional imaging quality that leaves nothing to be desired. Its user-friendly eyebox ensures effortless and rapid focusing, immersing shooters in a world of sharp and clear visuals that extend to the very edges of the image. With true 1.0x magnification, a fine and extra-bright day/night illuminated reticle in the 2nd focal plane, and the innovative “MAX LIGHT” reticle illumination function designed for extreme backlight situations, the K18i-2 excels at acquiring targets quickly at close quarters and medium distances.

Advanced Features for Swift Adaptation and Maximum Performance

The K18i-2 doesn’t just stop at exceptional optics; it offers several other notable features as well. The inclusion of two individually adjustable throw levers enables swift and precise adjustments, allowing shooters to adapt on the fly. With a robust 34mm Ø main tube, this optic ensures durability and stability even in demanding conditions, supporting maximum performance when it matters most.

A Game-Changer for IPSC and 3-Gun Matches

The new K18i-2 redefines the landscape of competitive shooting. Its unparalleled 50-meter field of view and outstanding optical performance give shooters a decisive edge in IPSC and 3-Gun matches. Whether it’s the final stages of an IPSC competition or the intense atmosphere of a 3-Gun match, the K18i-2 delivers the speed, accuracy, and reliability needed to secure victory.

The Perfect Choice for Competitions Decided by Split-Second Differences

In the world of competitive shooting, success often comes down to fractions of a second. The K18i-2, with its unmatched field of view and exceptional optics, provides shooters with a crucial advantage. Its user-friendly design, innovative features, and robust construction ensure that competitors can make split-second decisions with unwavering confidence. When precision and speed are paramount, the K18i-2 stands as the ultimate match winner.

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