MC2 Technologies introduces new jamming and drone neutralisation technologies

MC2 Technologies has recently announced its latest developments in intelligent jamming and drone neutralisation solutions.

These technologies are designed to address the increasing challenges posed by unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The company’s focus has been on enhancing the capabilities of electronic warfare systems to meet evolving security needs.

Advanced solutions for drone and IED threats

The new range of products from MC2 Technologies includes systems for both drone neutralisation and IED disruption. The MERCAT system, previously known for drone detection, has been expanded to include tools like SPART and BLAST, targeting the neutralisation of IEDs and the counteraction of advanced 4G/5G drone technologies. Additionally, updates to the NEROD anti-drone rifles and pistols have been made, aiming to improve the efficacy of these devices in various operational scenarios.

Design and production expertise

Founded in 2004, MC2 Technologies has a background in microelectronics and nanotechnology, with a focus on the research and development of electronic warfare solutions. The company maintains control over its design and production processes, with all products developed and manufactured in France. These new solutions, showcased as part of their current portfolio, reflect MC2 Technologies’ ongoing efforts in the field of electronic warfare, aiming to provide responses to contemporary security challenges.

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