MV-3: A response to evolving terrorism threats

The global landscape of terrorism requires advanced countermeasures. Recognising this, DOK-ING introduced the MV-3 robotic system.

Tailored for special police units, intervention squads and army tactical teams, the MV-3 is a fully electric vehicle mandated to bolster efforts in counterterrorism, aid in hostage situations and manage missions of social unrest. With its diverse technical capabilities, the MV-3 is adept at functioning in varied lighting conditions, from daylight to twilight and complete darkness.

Prioritising safety: MV-3’s multifaceted features

One of the standout attributes of the MV-3 is its dual-mode operation, allowing it to function autonomously or with a crew. This adaptability ensures that tactical teams can address threats without direct exposure to danger. The robotic system is fortified with a robust ballistic shield, minimising potential harm and enhancing the accuracy of countermeasures against threats. Prepared for both EOD and CBRN situations, the MV-3 is fitted with the latest protective gear and tools, ensuring efficient threat identification and neutralisation. Its design emphasises swift personnel movement and equipment deployment, coupled with advanced offensive support features. It also provides CASEVAC capabilities within operational zones.

MV-3’s technical edge and its debut at Milipol Paris 2023

The MV-3 utilises rubber tracks for discreet operations, ensuring extended mission durations and agile movement. Its ability to carry up to 700 kg underscores its utility in diverse tactical scenarios. Designed for optimal performance in confined spaces, its compact stature, combined with a retractable ballistic shield and a rubber-tracked base, sets it apart from conventional armoured vehicles. The MV-3’s suite of sensors, cameras and modular tools amplifies its operational efficiency, reducing risks to personnel.

The whole DOK-ING product line, including MV-3, is distributed in France by SCOPEX. All information regarding DOK-ING products will be available at stand 5A J156 at Milipol Paris 2023, from November 14-17 in Paris-Nord Villepinte.

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