NTT DATA announces new security management outsourcing service

NTT DATA, a global trailblazer in digital business and IT services, has unveiled an outsourcing service for security management known as Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service.

Initiated in Japan this July, the service is expected to expand globally within the fiscal year ending in March 2024. The service is championed by NTT DATA’s advanced security engineers with over two decades of incident response experience under the company’s Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) framework. Additionally, the expertise accumulated through the company’s worldwide Zero Trust Security Service will support clients by mitigating incidents and minimising damage.

Advancing security capabilities with a talent development programme

As part of the announcement, NTT DATA is not only focusing on incident response but also on talent development, with the launch of a comprehensive programme aimed at nurturing advanced security engineers. The programme targets expanding their current team of 100 security specialists to approximately 500 globally by the end of March 2026. This bold step responds to the increasingly daunting challenges companies face managing their security due to the highly specialised knowledge and significant effort required. By extending its security governance and leveraging its experience from implementing the zero trust environment, NTT DATA is committed to equipping companies with the necessary defences to mitigate sophisticated cyber threats.

A vision for the future

In the face of emerging business dynamics such as the acceleration of remote work, AI advancement, and diversified supply chains, NTT DATA’s vision is anchored in ensuring timely detection, response, and recovery from potential incidents. The company aims to exceed an annual global sales figure of 200 billion Japanese yen from security management by March 2026, primarily driven by zero trust services. Furthermore, NTT DATA is considering expanding its talent development programme to its client companies in the future, strengthening its commitment to a safer digital ecosystem.

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