Panaro unveils the MAX1350: A new dimension to the MAX cases collection

For over a decade, Panaro has been at the forefront of cutting-edge, watertight case design. This enduring commitment to innovation and quality has culminated in the newest member of the long cases family – the MAX1350.

Designed specifically to accommodate the unique demands of hunting, military, and motorsports applications, the company claims that the MAX1350 is the embodiment of reliable protection for technical and valuable equipment requiring extended length.

Redefining durability

Max Cases, Panaro’s celebrated line of watertight products, have consistently set industry standards with their robust protection against the elements. From the corrosive touch of seawater to the relentless invasion of dust, these cases are engineered to withstand a wide range of harsh conditions. The MAX1350, the latest in this revered lineage, continues to champion this dedication to safeguarding fragile and valuable objects. The sturdy build quality coupled with its IP67, ATA300, and military certifications, make it a trusty companion in challenging environments.

Applications abound: versatility is the name of the game

As the newest addition to the Max Cases collection, the MAX1350 isn’t simply confined to its primary domains of hunting, military, and motorsports. The robust build and certifications that it carries make it equally suitable for a diverse array of applications. Whether it’s for marine exploration, broadcast photography, scuba diving, outdoor sports, healthcare, special corps, industrial packaging, or the manufacturing industry, the MAX1350 is ready to deliver the same level of protection and transport capabilities that Max Cases are renowned for.

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