Primary Arms Optics expands Odyssey 2023 with new optics and accessories

Primary Arms Optics continues to innovate with the announcement of three new optics as a part of their Odyssey 2023 Part 2

The SLx 3-18x50mm FFP rifle scope

This new product is a comprehensive upgrade of one of Primary Arms Optics’ most sought-after long-range optics. The revamped design boasts enhanced optical clarity, definition, and overall performance. Notably, the scope now features precision turrets, ensuring accurate tracking, especially at longer distances. Set to launch in October, enthusiasts can already pre-order this scope, which will be available in three reticle options.

The FDE variant of the PLx 1-8x24mm FFP compact rifle scope

This scope, originally launched in 2022, quickly became a best-seller in the premium LPVO market. Its compact design, measuring less than 22.9 cm and weighing 492 grams, doesn’t compromise on performance, offering a wide field of view. This new variant retains all the original features but comes in a sleek FDE finish.

The RD-25 red dot

With a 25 mm aperture, this red dot is designed for speed and precision. According to the company, it is rugged, reliable, and comes with its QD mount, making it a value-driven addition to the optics market. As with all products from Primary Arms Optics, it comes with a lifetime warranty, reflecting the company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

New accessory mounts for the microprism series:

In addition to the optics, Odyssey 2023 Part Two also unveils two new accessory mounts for the MicroPrism series: the MR-12 and MDOM. The MR-12 is a 12 o’clock piggyback reflex mount that integrates with the factory MicroPrism mount. On the other hand, the MDOM is an offset micro red dot mount, offering a lightweight yet durable canted optic platform.

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