Product spotlight: AfterBurner-4 Digital Video Recorder

The AfterBurner-4 is the latest model in the AfterBurner series, developed by Ovation Systems, focusing on digital video recording for evidential and surveillance purposes. This model retains the physical dimensions of the previous models to facilitate replacement while introducing several new features.

Features and capabilities

The device incorporates H.264 video compression technology to optimise storage efficiency, allowing for extended recording durations. Recording time can be further extended through the use of time-lapse recording or selective recording, triggered by mechanisms such as internal video motion detection or timers. For data storage and evidence management, the AfterBurner-4 supports burning to DVD or Blu-ray discs and offers an option for a removable SSD drive. Additionally, it can apply SHA256 hashing to all files to create an evidential audit trail.


The AfterBurner-4 has been upgraded to include enhanced networking features, enabling remote control and live monitoring through Ethernet and WiFi interfaces. It features a web interface for device control and setup and supports RTSP format live streaming to compatible video management systems. Ovation Systems provide server software to facilitate secure connections to the device from remote locations with unknown IP addresses.

AfterBurner-4 Rear View

Technical Specifications

  • Operating temperature range: The device operates between 0 and +40°C, and with a removable SSD, the range extends from -20 to +65°C.
  • Dimensions: The unit measures 155 x 90 x 260 mm.
  • Weight: The device weighs approximately 2.2 kg.
  • Power requirements: It operates on 10 to 14 V DC, with a typical power consumption varying from 3mA in sleep mode to 650mA during recording and 2A while burning discs.
  • Storage options: It supports DVD/Blu-ray optical drives or a removable SATA SSD 2.5″ drive, alongside a 500 GB internal hard disk drive.
  • Video and audio inputs: The recorder accepts 4 PAL/NTSC standard definition video inputs and 1 full-HD input. It has two audio channels with AAC compression.
  • Data Interfaces: The device includes an Ethernet interface for network connectivity and configuration, with planned future upgrades for WiFi and internal IPSec VPN.

The AfterBurner-4 is designed to integrate into surveillance and evidence collection workflows, offering specific technical enhancements compared to previous models without necessitating extensive retraining for users familiar with the AfterBurner series.

Image credit: Ovation Systems Limited

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