Rasirom unveils its all-in-one TEMPEST system level A

Rasirom recently presented its innovative all-in-one TEMPEST system level A at the Milipol Paris trade show this year.

This system is designed to protect the information and communication processes involving classified or sensitive data.

A secure system with a stylish design

The system is engineered to safeguard sensitive information against a variety of threats, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of critical data. Alongside its robust security features, the TEMPEST system boasts an innovative design. This modern and functional design does not just appeal aesthetically but also enhances the usability and practicality of the system, making it an appropriate choice for organisations seeking an effective blend of technology and user-friendly design.

A system compliant with NATO standards

An important aspect of the TEMPEST system is its compliance with NATO standards, a testament to its reliability and suitability for high-security operations. This compliance indicates that the system meets the rigorous requirements set by NATO for the protection of sensitive information, making it a suitable choice for military, governmental, and other sectors where data security is critical.

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