SAVIMEX: Advancing security and defence with innovative plastic optics

In the security and defence sector, the choice of materials for optical components is a crucial consideration for efficiency and reliability. SAVIMEX, a respected supplier of optical components and imaging devices, has established itself as a notable player in high-range plastic optics, offering products with specific applications in this field.

Traditional optical components used in security and defence applications have relied on mineral materials known for their optical properties. These materials, however, have limitations, including weight and fragility. SAVIMEX has chosen an alternative approach, utilising polymer materials to address these challenges and provide solutions tailored for security and defence applications.

Key advantages of SAVIMEX’s plastic optics in the context of security and defence are as follows:

  1. Weight Reduction: SAVIMEX’s plastic optics are notably lighter compared to mineral materials. This characteristic is significant in scenarios where weight considerations affect equipment and operational efficiency.
  2. Cost Efficiency: Beyond weight reduction, plastic optics from SAVIMEX offer cost-effective solutions, particularly for larger-scale security and defence operations. Cost savings can be allocated to other mission-critical needs.
  3. Modular Design: SAVIMEX’s plastic optics allow for flexible customisation, thanks to their free-form design capabilities. This modularity ensures adaptability to specific security and defence requirements and compatibility with diverse systems.
  4. Integration Capabilities: SAVIMEX’s plastic optics can incorporate multiple optical and mechanical functions within a single component. This integration streamlines equipment design and can improve operational efficiency.

One of SAVIMEX’s notable offerings in the security and defence sector is the development of high-range visors tailored for use by aircraft and helicopter pilots. These visors are constructed from polycarbonate materials with anti-scratch coatings, providing essential face protection. In addition, they feature optical thin film coatings, enabling high-performance image projection directly onto the visor. This technology provides pilots with crucial information, enhancing situational awareness and aiding decision-making during missions.

SAVIMEX also supplies optical components designed for image projection devices, which play a crucial role in various security and defence applications. Collaborating closely with device integrators, SAVIMEX ensures that the technical specifications meet the required standards. These devices enable the overlay of symbology and visual data onto a user’s field of view, facilitating tasks that necessitate the superimposition of images.

In the ever-evolving landscape of security and defence technologies, SAVIMEX contributes by offering plastic optics that are lighter, cost-efficient, modular, and capable of integration. Their dedication to excellence positions them as a reliable partner for security and defence professionals in need of optical components and imaging devices tailored to their specific requirements.

SAVIMEX’s focus on delivering practical and high-quality optical solutions underscores their commitment to supporting security and defence operations worldwide.

Top image credit: SAVIMEX

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