Sovereign Systems launches new Thasia Tracking System

Sovereign Systems has announced the launch of the Thasia Indoor Tracking System – an independent, body worn COTS solution that accurately delivers real-time location information that can be reliably acted upon to ensure safe extraction of a person in trouble.

Hailed as “the Holy Grail” for the first responder community, the Thesia Indoor Tracking System succeeds where other solutions have failed, Sovereign Systems claims. Various solutions have been developed over the last few years, some needing integrated building maps, some needing a series of beacons around the incident ground, some relying on the presence of Wi Fi routers, but none have come close to the Thesia, according to the company.

There has been a lot of discussion lately around non-GPS tracking, or indoor tracking across three axes, x, y & z. This specifically relates to being able to locate a person inside a building or structure that has no access to a GPS signal, and locating that person to within a 1 metre to 2 metre accuracy, on any floor in the building.

Being able to de-brief with this data after an incident is a great advantage, Sovereign Systems says, as is using the solution to discreetly and covertly map a building is also a great advantage.

However, according to the brand, the real prize is the safety of a fire fighter on a hazardous search & rescue mission or fighting a fire in a dangerous fireground incident. Or for the Commander of a surveillance team or a SWAT team, knowing where every member of their unit is at any time.

Integration of such a solution with a means of delivery of the data is vital. Under normal circumstances a cellular network will provide the connectivity but, in a hazardous environment there may not be a cellular connection available, which is where Sovereign Systems’ IP Mesh network adds significant value to the tracking solution. The Thesia sensor has integrated Wi-Fi capability, which can connect directly to Sovereign’s PTT Mesh radio, thus delivering the connectivity required in challenging RF environments, the company says.

The Thesia sensor thus has tracking to sub-2 metre accuracy in a GPS-denied environment as well as reliable, high-speed connectivity in a cellular-denied environment.

“Now, consider the value we could add with integration of this capability with a sensor-based system that monitors the location, with Thesia but also monitors vital life signs, the presence of toxic gases and so on, and provides a 2-way communication channel to interact with the user and ensure his safety”, the company said in a statement.

Visitors to Milipol Paris this year (14-17 Nov) can meet with Sovereign Systems and learn more about Thesia on their stand 4D 059.

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