Teijin Aramid pioneers Twaron production from recycled materials

The industrial landscape is witnessing a major shift, with sustainability at the heart of the strategy for many corporations. The aramid industry is no exception, with Teijin Aramid of the Netherlands among those spearheading this change.

A significant breakthrough in the form of the first industrial-scale production of Twaron using recycled material was announced on May 25, 2023. This innovative approach, after numerous years of painstaking research and trials, culminated in a filament yarn claiming unparalleled strength and durability, mirroring the attributes of the original Twaron fibres.

Moving towards a circular economy

Teijin Aramid’s success marks a crucial milestone in their quest for a sustainable future, with the development of this technology putting them at the forefront of incorporating increasing amounts of recycled content into the production of sustainable Twaron yarn. The crowning achievement of the materials experts at Teijin Aramid has expedited the progression towards a commercial circular economy Twaron. The significance of this triumph, according to CEO Peter ter Horst, stems from the fusion of expertise, knowledge and collaborative efforts with clients and value chain partners over the years.

Aligning with the vision for a green future

Teijin Aramid’s latest achievement is not just an internal victory but also resonates with the wider vision for a sustainable future. The production of Twaron using recycled materials mirrors the company’s dedication to a circular economy for aramid, which is coherent with the European Union’s Green Deal vision. This vision aims for a resource-efficient economy that generates no net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050. This pioneering stride signals a critical advancement in Teijin Aramid’s pursuit of a fully sustainable and circular aramid value chain. For years, Teijin Aramid has been recycling end-of-life para-aramid products mechanically. The latest development in physical recycling technology now paves the way for a future where circular economy aramids are not just a dream but a reality.

Main image: Alice Hills from Unsplash Photo

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