The Protectile: A less-lethal solution for law enforcement

Law enforcement agencies worldwide are seeking alternative means to address critical situations and minimise the use of lethal force. The Protectile, a novel less-lethal projectile, was developed in response to this need, aiming to render conventional bullets less lethal and provide law-enforcement officers with a viable alternative when facing potential threats.

The Protectile is an attempt to enhance law enforcement tools and practices. This 2-inch spherical composite projectile introduces a unique approach to less-lethal force deployment, offering a means to incapacitate a threat while reducing the risk of fatal injury.

The fundamental operation of the Protectile involves encasing factory ammunition when attached to a firearm. By inserting the Protectile’s plug into the muzzle of the barrel and firing a live round, the lethal bullet is safely captured within the Protectile. Upon impact, the Protectile delivers approximately 100 joules of energy, comparable to the force of a solid punch. Notably, the semi-automatic function of the firearm remains unaffected, enabling the immediate loading of the next lethal cartridge. This flexibility allows officers to decide whether to deploy another less-lethal Protectile or transition to lethal force without the need for weapon changes.

A key feature of the Protectile is its compatibility with existing service weapons and ammunition used by law enforcement officers. This ensures cost-efficiency and minimises the learning curve associated with new equipment.

The primary advantages of the less-lethal Protectile include:

  1. Cost-Effective Less-Lethal Solution: The Protectile offers a cost-effective way for law enforcement agencies to enhance their less-lethal capabilities without significant financial investment.
  2. Utilisation of Existing Service Weapons and Ammunition: Law-enforcement officers can continue using their familiar service weapons and ammunition, simplifying the integration of this less-lethal option into their standard practices.
  3. Immediate Transition to Live Ammunition: The ability to switch between less-lethal and lethal force quickly ensures officers are prepared for evolving threats.
  4. Elimination of Separate Less-Lethal Weapons: The Protectile streamlines a toolkit, removing the need to carry separate less-lethal weapons.
  5. Sustained Readiness: Officers can maintain their state of readiness and remain armed when deploying less-lethal force.

The Protectile reflects a pragmatic approach to improving law enforcement practices and reducing the potential for fatal outcomes in critical situations. As law enforcement agencies seek ways to adapt to evolving challenges, the Protectile offers a cost-effective and integrated less-lethal option that aligns with the mission of supporting public safety and preserving lives.

Top photo credit: Protectile

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