TR Equipement unveiled 56mm calibre masking system at Milipol Paris 2023

TR Equipement introduced its 56mm calibre masking system at Milipol Paris this year. This system is entirely designed and produced in France and with its versatility it can be effectively employed on various platforms including land, sea, and air vehicles, regardless of their size.

Modularity and compatibility

One of the key features of TR Equipement’s masking system is its modular design. It allows for use with any 56 mm ammunition, providing options ranging from 4 to 12 grenades. This flexibility is crucial in dynamic combat scenarios, where rapid adaptation is key. The system’s effective range, extending from 50 to 200 metres, varies depending on the Deployable Range Projectile (DPR) used, showcasing its operational versatility. Whether it’s remote-controlled or manually operated, the system can be powered by both 12 and 24-volt sources, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of military equipment.

Efficiency and innovation

The design of this masking system emphasises efficiency and ease of use, hallmarks of TR Equipement’s approach to military hardware. The launcher is lightweight, reducing the burden on the vehicles it equips and enhancing manoeuvrability. Its stackable options in 4, 8, and 12-shot configurations offer flexibility for various mission requirements. The choice between manual and electric release further tailors the system to the needs of the operator.

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