Trellis Data and Tait Communications: a partnership in AI innovation and communication technologies

Trellis Data, a frontrunner in advanced machine learning in Australia, has been accepted into the Technology Partner Programme of Tait Communications. The latter, a global provider of critical communications networks, services and equipment, significantly caters to the utility, public safety and transportation sectors.

The incorporation of Trellis Data, known for its prowess in AI and deep neural network technologies, promises to introduce novel solutions within Tait’s substantial product and service portfolio.

Enabling technological advances

With the acceptance into the Technology Partner Programme, Trellis Data has the unique opportunity to augment Tait’s offerings. The AI company is adept in various areas including natural language processing, speech-to-text, object detection, decision-making at the edge, and more. This partnership could see the advent of accurate transcriptions, multi-lingual translations, keyword searching, alerts, and more sophisticated solutions provided by Tait.

Unifying AI and communication technologies

Tim McLaren, Head of Communications at Trellis Data, hailed the partnership as an exciting prospect. He stated, “Tait Communications’ 50 years of experience and expertise in critical communications networks make them an ideal partner for Trellis Data. Together, we can deliver unparalleled outcomes for customers, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and advanced communication technologies.”

Reinforcing commitment to innovation

Enthusiasm for the partnership was echoed by Ellery Hurn, Tait Communications’ Manager of Partner Products. Hurn said, “We share a vision with Trellis Data to create, innovate and unify critical communication solutions. We trust our partnership with Trellis Data will further support and deliver outcomes that matter.” The programme aims to equip Tait with a broader range of solutions and options, all vetted and approved for use with Tait networks and equipment.

Accelerating cutting-edge solutions

The collaboration with Tait Communications paves the way for Trellis Data to utilise Tait’s comprehensive documentation and well-established processes. This direct access to vital resources enables Trellis Data to coordinate with Tait quickly and efficiently, thereby fast-tracking the development and deployment of advanced solutions. The partnership is set to create a positive impact on industries and communities across Australia by merging expertise, technology, and experience.

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