Arquus celebrates five years of innovation

Arquus, the self-styled “French champion of light and medium wheeled armour” is celebrating five years of innovation since its inception in 2018, when Renault Trucks Defense, ACMAT and Panhard officially joined forces to create the defence vehicle powerhouse, and says it is “in battle order and more than ever ready to serve”.

Arquus has been committed to innovation since its inception, and renewing the Army’s tactical capabilities, with the entry into service of the first VT4 light multi-purpose vehicles in 2018.

Other launches over the years include the VBMR Griffon developed with Nexter and Thales in 2019 and the EBRC Jaguar in 2021, while it has also constantly worked on and enriched on prototypes such as the X8A, the Sphinx or the BMX01, the Jaguar and the Griffon, whose kinematic chains are said to “redefine the mobility standards of modern 6×6 armoured vehicles”.

VBL and Jaguar manoeuvring in the 1st Foreign Cavalry Regiment (Photo credit: 1er REC)

These combat vehicles also feature a brand new range of remotely operated cupolas, which combine very high-level observation capabilities, a stabilisation system resulting from Arquus’ know-how in systems integration on its vehicles, and an effector, which can be a weapon in 7.62mm, 12.7mm or a 40mm grenade launcher.

To offer this range for export and ensure its commercial and technical development, Arquus created the Hornet Business Unit in 2021. Since its launch, Hornet has proven its vitality by presenting solutions that complement the capabilities of the range’s remotely operated cupolas, such as anti-tank fire with the integration of an Akeron MP launcher from MBDA, or low-layer detection and anti-drone combat.

Today more than ever, Arquus says it has the ambition to serve the Army, as closely as possible to its needs. This ambition is materialised by a very strong commitment, alongside the maintenance technicians of the armies, on the maintenance in operational condition of the equipment. Beyond the provision and repair of spare parts and components for vehicles, some of which have several decades of service in the Army, Arquus provides industrial repair of several hundred vehicles each year, from the VAB to the GBC180 and from the PVP to the TRM10000.

With the establishment of the Garchizy logistics platform, inaugurated in 2019 by Florence Parly, French Minister of the Armed Forces, Arquus has acquired and mastered a unique capacity in France in the logistics of spare parts and components. This new capacity, put in place for the EBMRs, now makes it possible to supply all the units in extremely short lead times, guaranteeing an optimal DTO and as close as possible to operational needs.

Arquus strives to honour this trust on a daily basis. On the VT4, a new multi-purpose army liaison vehicle, Arquus guarantees a DTO of 95% on national territory. This firm commitment, which it claims is extremely modern in its approach, can be declined for the benefit of other fleets currently in service or to join the ranks of the armies.

VT4 at RIMaP-NC (Credits RIMaP-NC). The VT4 is currently in service in all units of the Army, but also in the AAE and the MN.

Beetle presenting its hybrid capability at Arquus Day in 2020 (Credit: Arquus)

This enrichment of the Arquus range is also illustrated by the launch of the Fortress MK2 in 2020. This evolution of the Fortress currently in service in European Special Forces allows it to gain a level of protection without increasing mass, thanks to the innovations of the Arquus design office in terms of survivability.

To prepare for the future of the tactical and logistics truck, Arquus presented the Armis family of vehicles in 2020, designed in France with specifically French partners and technical solutions.

As a French leader in military electromobility and at the heart of European-protected mobility projects, Arquus says it is an essential player for tomorrow as well as today.

Not forgetting its past to better look to the future, Arquus created its Heritage Conservatory in 2021, intended to house and promote the prototypes and iconic vehicles of its rich industrial history. It now houses more than 80 vehicles, from EBR to CRAB and from VLRA to VBR, witnesses to this heritage and inspiration for future generations of Arquus engineers and technicians.

The Adventures of Colonel Mareuil (Credit: Arquus)

Finally, Arquus is also celebrating its fifth anniversary with the third volume of its new comic cycle: The Adventures of Colonel Mareuil.

Described as a story of foresight and anticipation, which is based on a screenplay by Marc Chassillan, the comic series depicts equipment currently in service within the armies and capabilities currently under development which could enter them in the years to come. This literary cycle makes it possible to confront existing capabilities with threats, classic or new, and with conventional or hybrid engagement scenarios.

For this third volume, France is confronted with an emerging conflict between an allied state and a neighbouring power determined to use all informational, technological and human means at its disposal. This is an opportunity for a fictitious army to deploy a full GTIA composed of Griffon, Jaguar, CAESAR, Scarabée and VT4, accompanied by logistical support resources and Special Forces elements on VLFS (Special Forces Light Vehicle).

Visitors to this year’s Milipol trade show can witness for themselves Arquus‘s achievements and innovations thus far as the company will be present at the show on stand 5 F177.

Visitors to the show may also get a chance to read, or get their own copy of Arquus’s third volume in its comic book cycle: The Adventures of Colonel Mareuil.

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