Athonet Tactical Backpack: Facilitating swift LTE/5G network deployment for field operations

The Athonet Tactical Backpack stands out as an advanced solution, delivering a standalone LTE and 5G network tailored to meet the requirements of military, emergency services, and field operations. It is crafted to ensure secure and dependable connectivity in situations where conventional communication infrastructures are either non-existent or compromised.

Engineered to enable immediate network setup, the Athonet Tactical Backpack boasts a coverage radius exceeding 5 km with a practical weight of approximately 17 kg. This makes it adapted for operations requiring the rapid establishment of secure communication channels, particularly in remote or infrastructure-challenged environments.

A distinguishing feature of the Tactical Backpack is its autonomy as a portable network solution, facilitating mobile operations across varied locations. It incorporates a centralised mobile core with established roaming capabilities with national Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), guaranteeing uninterrupted connectivity. Moreover, the device accommodates essential public safety functionalities, including Mission Critical Push-To-Talk (PTT), IP-based multimedia services (IMS), and Evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast System (eMBMS), catering to a broad spectrum of communication needs.

The Tactical Backpack device is also primed for deployment by mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) in public safety applications, evidencing its reliability through field testing. It has the capacity to enable federated tactical network operations by linking multiple tactical networks allowing for an expanded coverage area, enhancing operational versatility. Additionally, the integration of an embedded RoIP solution ensures fluid PTT communication between LTE and traditional radio networks, effectively bridging the divide between modern and conventional communication methods.

Technically, the Athonet Tactical Backpack is designed to endure the challenges of field deployment. Offered in 12 or 17 kg configurations, excluding batteries and antennas, it operates within a temperature range of -30 to 55°C, rendering it suitable for extreme conditions. It has an ingress protection rating of IP65, signifying its resistance to dust and water jets. Capable of supporting up to 400 active users on a 20MHz bandwidth, with maximum throughput rates of 110 Mbps (downlink) and 41 Mbps (uplink), it ensures robust performance for operations with high user density.

The Athonet Tactical Backpack is specifically designed for scenarios where the swift deployment of a reliable network is critical, such as military engagements, emergency responses, and public safety initiatives.

Top image: Athonet

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