Avon Protection’s protective mask and respirator chosen by Swedish police

Avon Protection’s C50 protective mask and MP-PAPR multi-position powered air purifying respirator have been selected by the Swedish Police Authority under a seven-year contract with partner Promoteq

The British company specialised in engineering and manufacturing respiratory protection equipment for military, law enforcement and fire personnel, Avon Protection, has announced that its strategic partner, Swedish security equipment company, Promoteq, has signed a seven-year contract with the Swedish Police Authority for its C50 protective mask and MP-PAPR Multi-Position Powered Air Purifying Respirator.

The agreement, Avon Protection says, includes a two-year initial contract plus five one-year options that will follow after that. Under the contract, deliveries of the masks and repirators are set to begin this year and orders over the life of the contract are expected to total 30,000 C50s, and 900 MP-PAPRs, in addition to the necessary associated accessories to accompany the protective masks and respirators.

Avon Protection
New contract with the Swedish police force for C50s masks and MP-PAPRs respirators
Credit: Avon Protection

Protection against multiple threat scenarios

The C50 protective mask provides protection against multiple threat scenarios, the company says, including chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear materials and agents (CBRN), toxic industrial chemicals (TICs), and toxic industrial materials (TIMs).

The protective mask system includes a respirator mask with a panoramic single lens visor that offers what Avon Protection is calling an advanced field-of-vision, as well as a C50, filter; and a carrier.  According to the protection equipment manufacturer, the mask is designed for superior comfort and incorporates a front-mounted exhale valve that allows for clear, direct communications while wearing the mask.

The MP-PAPR is a flexible powered air purifying respirator that delivers a compact and easily integrated powered air purifying respirator unit. The respirator provides cooling, lowering user burden and reducing pulmonary stress, the company says. It has been designed so that it can be worn in multiple ways to maximise integration while delivering higher protection levels and improving the wearer’s well-being.

Both the C50 protective mask system and the MP-PAPR respirator are manufactured from a chlorobutyl rubber and silicone blend Avon Protection says provides superior comfort while maximising protection, keeping the wearer more comfortable for longer periods of time throughout operations.

“This contract award allows us to continue our integral role in providing CBRN protective capabilities for both the Swedish Police Authority and the Swedish Defence Material Administration, to which we supply the FM54 respirator, CS-PAPR and ST54 SCBA,” said Steve Elwell, President of Avon Protection. “We look forward to beginning deliveries of this mission-critical equipment to allow Sweden’s Police to carry out their mission safely and with confidence.”

Yet another big contract in Europe

The news of the agreement with the Swedish police comes on the heels of another important European contract for the respiratory protection equipment maker. In January Avon Protection was selected by the German Navy to supply its Multi-Role Rebreather used for military diving operations.

Signed after the completion of an extensive competitive public tender process and a full test programme carried out by the German Navy, the contract the company was awarded is for multiple millions of Euros, Avon reported.

“We are delighted that the German Navy has selected our innovative rebreather. This represents a significant award for Avon Protection and the military diving personnel who will benefit from the cutting-edge technologies and enhanced operability it will bring them,” said Kevin Gurr, Avon Protection’s Underwater Systems Director.

The contract with the German Navy saw Germany join fellow NATO nations and other global military users who are already benefitting from Avon Protection’s underwater product portfolio. 

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Featured image credit: Avon Protection

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