Capgemini and Partners to Develop Digital Twin of the Earth for Cyber Italy Project

Capgemini, in collaboration with NAIS, Engineering D.HUB, and RHEA Italy, has been awarded a prestigious project within IRIDE, the Italian Earth Observation satellite space programme. The project, known as Cyber Italy, aims to develop a Digital Twin prototype focused on the Italian territory. By integrating data, models, AI, and advanced computing, the project will create highly accurate digital representations of Earth’s processes. This article explores the significance of the project and its potential impact on various sectors.

The Vision of Cyber Italy:

The Cyber Italy project, conducted within the framework of IRIDE, seeks to understand and predict phenomena occurring on Earth. By creating a Digital Twin—a detailed virtual replica—of the planet’s systems, researchers and stakeholders can gain valuable insights into the complex interactions between Earth and human activities. This initiative aligns with the broader mission of the IRIDE programme, which aims to provide decision-making support tools related to environmental sustainability, socio-economic pathways, and governance.

Applications and Benefits

The development of the Digital Twin of the Earth through the Cyber Italy project holds immense potential for various sectors. Civil defense bodies, administrations, and interested users can leverage the accurate representations of the Italian territory to monitor and combat hydro-geological instability, fires, coastal protection, critical infrastructure monitoring, air quality control, and weather conditions. Furthermore, the project will provide analytical data that can be used by startups, small and medium-sized organizations, and industries for the development of commercial applications.

A Collaborative Partnership

This collaboration between Capgemini and its partners combines their expertise in data management, implementation of Digital Twins, Earth observation data analysis, and the development of innovative software and interfaces. By pooling their assets and technological skills, the partners aim to create a powerful and comprehensive prototype of the Digital Twin, ensuring coherence and cross-fertilization with similar initiatives at the European level.

European Space Agency’s Involvement:

The Cyber Italy project is part of IRIDE, which is managed by the European Space Agency (ESA) in collaboration with the Italian Space Agency (ASI). The ESA’s involvement emphasizes the importance of creating an accurate digital model of the Earth and its phenomena. By integrating national and European assets, IRIDE aims to make Italy more competitive in the field of Earth observation. The project draws resources from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), underscoring its significance for the country’s future development.

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