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Decoding the complexity of video evidence: a presentation at the European Parliament

The presentation of Martino Jerian, CEO and Founder of Amped Software, at the European…

Bruker’s timsTOF Ultra mass spectrometer sets new sensitivity and precision benchmarks

Bruker Corporation claims its newest addition, the timsTOF Ultra mass spectrometer, is…

The Salus Phone: unrivaled protection for digital life

One of the world’s most secure smartphones for organisations. Built by Stratign,…

CILAS Enhances Flight Mirrors and Diffraction Gratings for ELOIS Hyperspectral Instrument

CILAS, a leading provider of high-performance optical coatings, has achieved a significant…

Cellebrite Unveils UFED Ultra: Revolutionizing Digital Forensics for Law Enforcement

Cellebrite DI Ltd. has made a significant breakthrough in digital forensics with…

IDEMIA Identity and Security named TSA’s next-gen CAT partner

IDEMIA Identity and Security (I&S) North America, a leading provider of biometrics…